Tucson, Arizona Dog Parks Where Fido Can Run Off-Leash

There are cities that go out of their way to provide amenities that keep their residents happy. This goes beyond the usual fire and police departments or roads, schools, and bridges, no, things like doggy parks where people with small lots or that live in apartments can take their dogs out for an off-leash run, are becoming more important than ever these days. Luckily for the people of Tucson, Arizona, their city has added some great dog parks, here are just a couple of the most popular there.

Dog Parks Are Essential For The Dogs And Owners

These parks are special since they have good secure fences to keep dogs from running into the nearby streets. That way a dog can be let off-leash and be able to run to their hearts content. Dogs are also very social creatures that need to meet and greet as many of their kind as often as possible.

The city of Tucson has a total of seven city owned parks that have special dog designated areas. Most of the parks have separate areas so that smaller or younger dogs can be safe from the larger dogs while playing. Some of the parks even have training seminars that dog owners can sign up for to help them start teaching their dogs tricks or just keep them out of trouble at home.

The Christopher Columbus Dog Park Is One Of The Most Popular

This park opens early, at 6 AM in the morning for those that like the cool mornings around Tucson. It also stays open late, until 10 PM, which is also a great time to find the cool evening air as well. The park has special fountains for dogs to drink from, bathrooms for humans, and is well lit for early and late visits. While it is only 1 acre in size, it’s very popular with certain people and you’re sure to meet some of the nicest people in town at this park sitting on the plentiful benches there.

Miko’s Corner Playground at Gene C. Reid Park

This park is a lot more than just a dog park since in has plenty of picnic tables and other great amenities. The park was named after a famous police dog, Miko, that lost his life in the line of duty. It features double entry gates to keep the dogs safe while inside the park and it has 1 acre each for small dogs and large dogs as well.

There are plenty of water fountains for the dogs plus platic poo bags and recepticles for disposal too. There are a lot of benches for the humans to sit and chat while their loved ones play for hours on end.

With the gradual aging of society, there are a lot of people that live alone with only their dogs to keep them company. Many homes and most apartments don’t have adequate places for dogs to run, so dog parks are a needed amenity and Tucson, Arizona has at least 7 owned by the city.

Christi Carpenter